Hello, and thank you for checking out the page "About Us",
 The Andorian Hedgehogs!!
 We Love Our Hedgehogs!!! 
Our Hedgehogs are a part of our Family, and we absolutely adore them!!
And we want you to enjoy that love bond too!
To make sure we give you a happy, healthy hedgie, we go by the Hedgehogs Breeder Alliance Code of Ethics. We are also USDA Licensed and have yearly vet visits and Inspections. 
 We plan out every breeding and pair hedgehogs that will produce healthy babies with good personalities.
We start socializing our hoglets as young as possible, as long as it doesn't stress the mother out. 
We take the hoglets away from their momma at 6 weeks of age and separate males and females. We then hold onto them for an additional week just to make sure they are doing fine without their mommy. 
This process allows us to send your little hedgie home with you with the assurance that they will be fine on their own.
We hope you enjoy the rest of our Hedgehog site!

Our Little Family
Nathan (Daddy), Sarah (Mommy), Amos (Big Brother), & Grayson (Little Brother)