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Licensed Dec. 2013

Last Updated 11/1/2023

Located In: 
Nebraska City, NE 68410

We encourage you to visit our hedgehogs!! 

Email or text to set up a time. 

About Me:
My name is Sarah Harms. I grew up in Nebraska City, NE.
I have always had all kinds of critters as pets; Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, rabbits, etc. 
And took in several kinds of animals that needed help.
I always loved taking care of them.

About Us:
And now it is my husband, 3 kids and I who absolutely LOVE hedgehogs! 
We got our first few in Nov. 2012. two were super sweet, and one was a grumpy butt.
So when we decided to start breeding, 
we wanted to make sure we did the best we could to provide happy hedgehogs!
We are a small family who all join in on the care and socializing of our hedgehogs. 
They are use to noises from 
our kids and daily life.
We keep our breeding group small but varied so we can give them lots of love and attention along with a healthy background.
We DO NOT sell to pet stores because they are not set up for the proper care of a hedgehog. 
Our greatest joy is seeing people fall in love with their new best friend! 
We hope that we can help you find yours too.